Learning and Cultural Enhancement Section

๐ŸŽญ๐ŸŽญ Multi-cultural Music Theatre Performance – OASIZ


27 May 2022 (Friday)


19:30 (approx. 1 hour) (Admission from 19:15)


Shaw College Lecture Theatre (In-venue and live-streaming performance)
(For in-venue attendance) Free seating. Limited seats. Registrations are based on a first-come-first-served basis.


English, supplemented with Cantonese and Putonghua


Free admission

Target Participants

CUHK staff & students & their relatives and friends

Enrolment/ Application

https://bit.ly/38lg38H (Deadline: 25 May, 23:59)


lces@cuhk.edu.hk / 3943 1528


The Office of Student Affairs is proud to present the very first student-led multi-cultural music theatre performance. The show, titled OASIZ, is a joint effort of a group of CUHK students from diverse backgrounds. Attending a 15-class music theatre workshop guided by a theatre scholar, who is also a CUHK alumna, the students have utilised their creativity and talent to bring this original show to life – from script writing to music composition, choreography, designs and acting. After months of brain racking preparation and sweat shedding rehearsal, this musical finally brings a collage of acting, singing and dancing which sets to enchant our audience!


In this city with diverse cultures and yet monotone nonetheless, a group of young people from different parts of the world share their first encounter in an apartment. Local musician Oda meets gay musician Ace and befriends Malaysian dancer Serene, as well as connects with Thai-born drag queen Zero and a food delivery man from Pakistan, Imran.

Each of them carries painful memories of being cast out in favour of a single ideal version of society, balancing between hiding their particularities and showing their true colours.

Differences collide. But after a series of anecdotes and cultural conflicts, they reflect on the true meaning of diversity and inclusiveness. They encourage each other to stand strong and strive to create a healing living space in a desert.


Special notes in response to COVID-19 (applicable to physical participation):

  1. The audience are required to scan the “LeaveHomeSafe” mobile app when entering the performance venue.
  2. The audience are required to measure body temperature when entering the performance venue. Access will be denied if body temperature reading of the guest is 37.5โ„ƒ or above.
  3. The audience are required to wear masks for all time at the venue.
  4. Eating or drinking is prohibited.
  5. Anyone failing to comply with the venue regulations may be denied admission.
  6. To comply with the reduced capacity and maintain social distancing, special seating arrangements are in place.
  7. For non-CUHK members, they are required to present their Vaccine Pass for verification while accessing the University campus.