Learning and Cultural Enhancement Section

International Cultural Ambassador Scheme

The International Cultural Ambassador Scheme is a unique opportunity designed for students who have a passion for promoting internationalization on campus and are seeking campus accommodation. This scheme offers selected ambassadors the chance to reside at the International House (I-House) while receiving comprehensive support to organize activities that foster cultural exchange.

As an International Cultural Ambassador, you will play a vital role in creating a vibrant and inclusive campus community. Through your initiatives, you will have the opportunity to showcase your leadership skills and make a positive impact on the cultural landscape at our university.

Benefits of the International Cultural Ambassador Scheme include:

Residing at the International House (I-House): Selected ambassadors will have the privilege of residing in the I-House, which provides a multicultural living environment that fosters intercultural friendships and learning experiences.

Support for the Cultural Exchange Activities: You will receive extensive support and resources to organize activities that promote cultural exchange on campus. These activities can include workshops, performances, exhibitions, and interactive sessions that celebrate the diversity of our student body.

Professional Training Opportunities: The scheme offers professional training sessions and workshops to enhance your leadership, communication, and intercultural skills. These opportunities will help you develop valuable competencies and prepare you for future leadership roles.

Next-Generation Leadership Development: By participating in the International Cultural Ambassador Scheme, you will have access to platforms where you can apply your skills and make a difference in our diverse society. This scheme aims to nurture you into next-generation leaders who can thrive in an interconnected global world.

We encourage passionate and dedicated students to apply for the International Cultural Ambassador Scheme. Your contributions will enrich the cultural fabric of our university and create a welcoming environment for students from all backgrounds.


Activity Highlights:

Visit to Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree

Mexican Taco Night

Traditional Chinese Medicine Workshop

Filipino Culture Night


Supporting Hong Kong Football Team