Learning and Cultural Enhancement Section

Cultural Commons@IH4

Cultural Commons@IH4 launched in October 2021 and operated by the Office of Student Affairs (OSA), is a multi-purpose hub where CUHK community can experience an international environment and take part in various cultural activities and art events.

The Cultural Commons serves as a working studio cum mini-exhibition venue. A series of Artistic and Cultural workshops and exhibitions, organized by i-Ambassadors, or supported by OSA will be held regularly throughout term time. i-Ambassadors with talents in arts and cultures can apply for use of the exhibition hall to showcase their projects or artworks to others.

It is expected that art classes, festival celebrations, intercultural gatherings, exhibitions, and over 30 cultural activities in each term could be launched. We welcome all CUHK students who are interested in exotic languages, making folk handicrafts, learning about global issues, and making foreign friends to join the activities.




Highlights of past activities:

Southeast Asia Festival 2021: Loy Krathong Night

Southeast Asia Festival 2021: Stories of Outlanders in Hong Kong – Malaysian Entrepreneur Nicole Wong