Learning and Cultural Enhancement Section

Message from Wardens

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Dear All I-House Residents,

This is Warden David YL Chan from International House Blocks 1-2.  After spending nearly a decade overseas for studying, working and travelling around the globe, I have now settled in I-House at CUHK.  In line with the Office of Student Affairs, we aim to bring internationalization and to promote cultural interactions in the International House.

I myself had had my hostel life in the UK, USA and Germany, those experience provided me a self-polish opportunity to be a better me along my educational and career paths.  As part of the I-House, everyone – as one of the global village resident – has to embrace different cultures, living habits and backgrounds.  You will gain different living experiences in I-House. We wish to provide maximum freedom for all residents while having a friendly, vibrant atmosphere and less traditional boundaries. We foresee all I-House residents can learn, laugh and live to the fullest in their journeys at I-House.



David YL Chan
Warden of International House Blocks 1-2


Welcome to I-House!

I am honored and pleased to serve as the Warden of Blocks 3-5.

I-House is a place for promoting cultural diversity and inclusivity. It is the home for young people who enjoy cultural dialogues and exchanges. While we learn and grow from our differences, you will also appreciate how much we may connect through exploring our sameness.

Academically, I am trained as an Educational Psychologist and a Mindfulness Teacher. If you are interested in getting to know more about how psychology applies to our learning and daily life, or if you are interested in exploring and experiencing different mindfulness practices, do feel free to drop by for some casual chats and experiential activities. As a long-serving scout leader since 2002, I have also accumulated extensive experience in leadership training and outdoor adventure skills. If you are interested in exploring and unleashing your personal potential through physical and mental challenges, we can bridge you with suitable opportunities. During my leisure time, I enjoy developing new and innovative hobbies. My recent interests include playing music, singing, coffee and tea tasting, as well as making candles, handmade soaps, and perfume products. I will be delighted to share my interests with you all, and I am eager to learn other new things from you too!

I look forward to co-creating a vibrant and diverse residential life with each resident at I-House.


Bernard Pak-ho WONG Ph.D.
Warden of International House Blocks 3-5