Learning and Cultural Enhancement Section

Service Overview

The Learning and Cultural Enhancement Section (LCES) is committed to offering students guidance on adjustment to and planning for university life and to promoting cultural interchange on campus. 


Providing Learning Enhancement Service

Offered by the Learning Enhancement Officers (LEOs), individual guidance and related support services are made available to all students in CUHK. The LEOs also organise developmental programmes regularly for the purpose of learning enhancement.  Recognising that non-local students also have to adapt to a new culture, LEOs offer proactive personal guidance and specially designed adaptation activities to them throughout the academic year.  


Promoting Cross-Cultural Diversity

The LCES promotes internationalization and exchanges of diverse cultures on campus through organising a string of activities and coordinating relevant resources.  The bi-annual Cultural Festival, The i-Ambassador Scheme, CUHK Host Family Programme, LEAD 1001 and Cultural Fun are the signature programmes.  The LCES also manages the I-House, the i-LOUNGE, and the Internationalization Activity Fund to facilitate on-campus cultural interaction and integration. 


Providing Support Services to Non-local Students

In addition to the tailor-made supportive services provided by LEOs, the LCES offers other resources to help non-local students better adapt to their life at CUHK and in Hong Kong. Useful tips for non-local newcomers prior to their departure and after arrival which facilitate their adjustment are on hand. A one-stop online platform SharePoint is set up to disseminate important news and announcement to non-local students. Information related to rental accommodation outside campus and student visa reapplication support are also made available for non-local students.


Coordinating Orientation Activities and First Year Survey

The LCES organises orientation activities for new postgraduate and non-local undergraduate students every year.  In addition, a first-year student survey is conducted every year to have a better understanding of our new students’ background and expectation of university life. 


Supporting Postgraduate and Non-local Student Associations

The LCES serves as a supporting service unit for various student associations, including the Postgraduate Student Association of CUHK, the Chinese Students and Scholars Association, the Mainland Undergraduate Association, the International Student Association and other student associations of non-local students.  Apart from making regular liaisons and offering support to these associations, the LCES also acts as the bridge between students and senior management of the University so as to aid non-local students to familiarise themselves with the university policies and promote their own cultures.