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International House (I-House)

The International House or simply “I-House”, is a residential complex providing on campus accommodation to students of CUHK. With a deliberate mix of local, mainland, and international residents, I-House is not just a place to stay, but a platform to promote campus diversity and inclusivity. Residents can participate in our wide range of cross-cultural activities and bond with students from all over the world. Our Wardens and Resident Tutors are happy to share with you their tips of making friends with people from different cultural backgrounds. For those of you who want to have a taste of living in a multi-cultural environment, I-House will definitely be your choice!


  Blocks 1-2 Blocks 3-5
Prof. CHAN Yiu Leung David

Dr. WONG Pak Ho Bernard

Mr. Tsz Yu SHEK
Mr. Jayson CHAN
Miss. Reyane AO
Miss Avery TSANG
Miss Alina NG
Miss Wendy HU

Mr. Jason LIAO
Mr. Immanuel FONG
Mr. Chester WONG
Miss Beskerville MAN
Miss Waner WU

  Contacts of tutors are available at service counters of I-House

Situated at the north-western part of the campus, opposite to the Hang Seng Hall of United College. Map
(Address: International House Blocks 1-2, Residence Road, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong)

Located on the Central campus, on the Village Path near the Mong Man Wai Building. Map
(Address: International House Blocks 3-5, Village Path, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong)

Transportation CUHK Shuttle Bus Route No. 3, 4, N or H
Get off at the United College Staff Residence stop
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CUHK Shuttle Bus Route No. 1A, 1B, 2, 3, N or H
Get off at the Sir Run Run Shaw Hall stop (route no. 1A, 1B, N or H) or Science Centre stop (route no. 2, 3)
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Bed Places Blocks 1-2 offers home-like flats to residents. 8-16 residents share a flat with living room, bedrooms (single or shared), pantry as well as toilet(s) and shower room(s). Blocks 3-5 offers shared rooms to residents. 
Facilities Common room
 Laundry room
 Fitness equipment
 Reading room
 Piano room
 Shared pantries
 Shared bathrooms
 Common Room
 Laundry room
 Fitness equipment
 Shared pantries
 Shared bathrooms
Hostel Fee (2023-24) HK$16,752 (per head annual fee for shared room)
Enquiry 3943 5598 | ihouse@cuhk.edu.hk 3943 5597 | ihouse@cuhk.edu.hk


I-House Resident Regulations

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