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Orientation 2020


Welcome to The Chinese University of Hong Kong!


As you are about to turn over a new leaf by studying at CUHK, making plans ahead at this stage of transition would have a significant impact on the fruitfulness of your university life in Hong Kong. Joining the orientation programme would give you a head start – help yourself familiarize with the campus, understand your studies and build friendships. Amid the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, some of you may not be able to enjoy a ‘normal’ campus life and changes to the ongoing life are inevitable. Therefore, it will be particularly important for you to be well prepared and plan in advance in various aspects. In this regard, online resources are made especially for you to be better equipped for the potential challenges ahead.


This year, the orientation programme goes virtual to prevent infection and spread of COVID-19. Programme details are available on this website, which provides you with comprehensive and practical information for your smooth adaptation to the new life. Please visit this website regularly for updates.


Video of Welcoming Speech by University Dean of Students


Virtual International Student Orientation 2020


25-28 August, 2020


Full-time International Undergraduate Students (admitted via the International Students Admissions Scheme)


International Student Association of CUHK (ISA)




Free of charge

Enrollment form:

Application deadline:

20 August, 2020

Facebook group: groups/CUHKINTLFRESHMEN2020



Orientation Videos

Week of


27 July

Introduction to University IT services

  • Computing Account Information (CAI), MyCUHK & CUSIS
  • Office 365 and University Email System
  • WIFI & Network
  • eLearning @ CUHK
  • Information Security
  • Mobile Apps & Other ITSC Services

The video series contain very important information regarding University IT services.  You can learn about the way to activate your computing account; manage your academic matters @ MyCUHK and various eLearning platforms. From the videos, you can also know more about information security, various CUHK Mobile Apps and other services from ITSC.

3 August

Stay Healthy at CUHK

Protecting ourselves against COVID-19 has become a new normal in our everyday life. While studying on CUHK campus, you should know about the medical services available at our University Health Service and resources of health-related information.

10 August

Library Services

Independent Learning Centre @ CUHK

Independent learning is crucial in tertiary education. The Independent Learning Centre provides a resourceful environment and organizes a variety of events for students to be self-directed learners

Meeting with LEOs*

17 August

Learning Chinese Languages

Learning Cantonese and Putonghua is helpful for your communication with local people and future development. You will be briefed of the Chinese courses available and ways to enroll to the suitable courses.

Career Planning and Development & Employment Policy for Non-local Students

Chance favours the prepared mind! Through this video, you will learn about how you can prepare for your career roadmap and what employment resources are available at CUHK. Non-local students would also know about their condition of stay in terms of taking up employment in Hong Kong.

Crossing Cultures and Fitting In

University life is full of challenges and adventures. As a non-local student, you may experience adjustment difficulties. How do you deal with these? And what are the resources available to you? Get yourself prepared for a fruitful university journey.

Meeting with LEOs*

24 August

Quick Moves to Recognize and Address to Sexual Harassment

Understanding nature of sexual harassment and ways to respond to indecent acts enhances our awareness in self-protection. From this video, you will be able to learn about definition of sexual harassment, ways to respond to indecent acts if you witness or encounter them, and information about the relevant policy and the Committee Against Sexual Harassment in CUHK.

Student Exchange Opportunities

This video gives you a brief idea of student exchange programmes, information such as exchange destinations, exchange periods, application requirement, application timeline, cost and scholarships are included.

Meeting with LEOs*

31 August

Zoom Lecture on “Media Literacy”

We all live in such a digital world. It is challenging for us to make sense of all sorts of news and to differentiate those true ones from the fake ones. We need to be more critical when we bathe in the sea of information. But how? The lecture will discuss the idea of “Fact check” towards everyday news and how we can be smarter news recipients. You will also learn the local media environment.

Date: 3 Sep 2020 (Thursday)
Time: 16:00-17:00 HKT
Speaker: Professor Donna CHU, School of Journalism and Communication
Language: English
Format: Lecture on Zoom
Registration: Please register with your @link account to the Zoom lecture ( by 2 Sep 2020. Zoom meeting details would be informed through email after registration.

Crime Awareness & Prevention :

  • Campus Theft
  • Deceptions
  • No Drugs, No Alcohol, No Smoking

Road Safety

Hong Kong is generally regarded as a safe city with low crime rate. However, you still have to be cautious when you are coming to live and study in a foreign place. Certain laws, rules and regulations may not be the same as your home country so it is important to know the difference. By learning the common crimes occurred on campus and Hong Kong, you can prevent yourself from being an easy target and stay safe.

*Learning Enhancement Officers (LEOs) offer individual guidance and consultation service to students, aims to enhance students’ adjustment to the learning environment of CUHK. In the Meeting with LEOs sessions, students would be briefed important points in their university life planning, curriculum requirements, course enrollment, etc. Details will be sent to students directly through invitation emails.

Orientation Videos
Quarantine FAQ
News and Announcement


1. CUHK Host Family Programme 2020-21: A family away from home!

You are cordially invited to join the CUHK Host Family Programme organized by the Office of Student Affairs, a non-residential programme in which students are not required to live with the host families. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand that the new journey, starting off with compulsory quarantine, may bring you a sense of loneliness, helplessness, and even anxiety at the beginning. Under this programme, your host family is supposed to show you their support and care starting from your quarantine.

This is a unique opportunity for you not only to meet local Hong Kong families, make new friends, get acquainted with a new culture, but also to establish bonding with the city that you might not otherwise experience as international students studying at CUHK. For details of this programme, please visit


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2. Beware of telephone deception

Dear students,

Various types of telephone fraud has risen recently, fraudsters were intimidating, issuing instructions in a way that many believed they are government officials/ dealing with the police. Scenarios like the individual’s account was being frozen or used for money laundering activities, or that parcels/ documents sent by the individual were in custody were presented; befuddled with the provision of the individual’s particulars, the fraudsters then tricked that individual into parting with money or disclosing personal information, e.g. bank account number and password details.

We hereby alert you to be watchful on suspected telephone frauds. Stay calm and verify the caller’s identity would be helpful, if in doubt. Most importantly, personal information, e.g. bank account number and password details, should be kept strictly confidential and not to be disclosed to anyone. Last but not least, do NOT deposit any money to bank account instructed by the fraudsters. Law enforcement agents in Hong Kong/ the Mainland will never request ATM/ Internet banking passwords nor any money to prove your innocence.

You may report any suspected case to the Police Force at Ma On Shan Station on 3661 1700; or call 999 for any emergency. For more information of telephone deception and advice from the Hong Kong Police, please visit:


Learning and Cultural Enhancement Section
Office of Student Affairs

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3. College Orientation Programme

Please stay tuned to the updates on University Orientation Website (


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4. On-campus banks

There are two banks located at CUHK campus, namely Hang Seng Bank (address: 1/F, John Fulton Centre) and The Bank of East Asia (1/F, Pomerenke Student Centre).

The following documents would be required when a non-local student apply for bank account opening in Hong Kong, while students under 18 should be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

  1. Passport or Exit-Entry Permit for Travelling to and from Hong Kong and Macao
  2. National Identity Card
  3. CU Link Card or Admission Letter
  4. Student visa and landing slip
  5. Hong Kong Identity Card
  6. Proof of your address in home country
  7. Proof of residency in Hong Kong (can be obtained from your college if you reside on campus)


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Learning and Cultural Enhancement Section, Office of Student Affairs


(852) 3943 7945



International Student Association (ISA)



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Facebook Group for 2020/21 international freshmen: