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Orientation 2019


Dear students,


Congratulations to your admission to The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). The CUHK is determined to cultivate an internationalised and integrated campus with a view to enriching exposures of our students. Your presence is vital to the success of our goal.


The CUHK emphasises not only specialised knowledge but also whole-person development of our students. We hope, during your study period, you can pursue both knowledge and personal development, while enjoy campus life in such beautiful environment. Please make good use of every opportunity to meet different people, develop your own interest, serve both the CUHK and the Hong Kong communities, prepare yourself to become a global citizen, and have fun!


Making plans ahead at this stage of transition would have a significant impact on the fruitfulness of your university life in Hong Kong. To support your adaption to the CUHK life, the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) has prepared the “Compass for Incoming Students 2019-20” for you. The booklet gives you some ideas about living in Hong Kong, as well as an overview of available services in the University. You are also encouraged to participate in the following orientation programmes which will help you to get familiar with the campus environment, understand your study programme, and build friendships:

Orientation programme URL
International Student Orientation
Faculty/Department Orientation Camps
College Orientation Camps


If you need any further assistance, please contact the Learning Enhancement Officers from the Learning and Cultural Enhancement Section of OSA at or on (+852) 3943 1533.


Yours sincerely,

Dennis K.P. Ng
Pro-Vice-Chancellor / Vice-President
University Dean of Students (Acting)


International Student Orientation 2019 (ISO)


20-24 August, 2019


Campus, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Shaw College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Full-time International Undergraduate Students (admitted via the International Students Admissions Scheme)


Learning and Cultural Enhancement Section, Office of Student Affairs & International Student Association of CUHK (ISA)


HK$915 (includes accommodation from 20 to 24 August 2019, camp tee, meals and other fees incurred during the O’Camp; to be paid together with the first instalment of tuition fee)


Students may check in hostel on 19 August 2019; hostel fee HKD$92 to be paid together with the first instalment of tuition fee)


Please fill in the following online enrolment form by 12 August 2019 12:00noon:


Please email to


Programme Schedule
(Time and venue will be updated in mid August)

Day (Date)




Day 1
(20 August)*

  • O’Camp Hostel Check-in
  • ISA Briefing
  • Sharing on Cultural Adjustment
  • Opening Ceremony cum Welcoming Dinner^
  • Ice-Breaking Games

Day 2
(21 August)

  • Breakfast
  • Academic Counselling by Faculty / Programme#
  • Library Tour
  • City Hunt Briefing
  • College Welcome Session
  • City Hunt

Day 3
(22 August)*

  • Breakfast
  • Talks on New Life@CUHK and Hong Kong
  • Meeting with LEOs
  • CUSIS Demonstration & Practice
  • First Year Student Survey
  • Campus Hunt
  • Pizza Night

Day 4
(23 August)*

  • Breakfast
  • Course registration
  • Collection of CU Link Card
  • Beach Activity
  • BBQ
  • Luggage Moving

Day 5
(24 August)

  • Breakfast
  • O’Camp Hostel Check-out
  • Talent Show cum Auction
  • O’Camp Check-out and College Hostel Check-in

*Dinner on 20, 22 and 23 August and breakfast from 21 to 24 August are included in the camp fee.
^All new students are highly recommended to participate in the cat-walk performance in the Opening Ceremony cum Welcoming Dinner on 20 August to showcase their national costumes. This is a great opportunity to represent your country and meet others your own country as well. Interested students please indicate your participation in the online enrollment form.
#In case of bad weather condition, contingency plan will be arranged on 22 August afternoon.



Orientation Day for International Students Admitted to Faculty of Business Administration (2019)


19 August, 2019


Campus, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Shaw College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Full-time International Undergraduate Students Admitted the following programmes AND Joining the ISO: Integrated BBA, Integrated BBA and Juris Doctor, Hospitality and Real Estate, Professional Accountancy, Insurance, Financial and Actuarial Analysis, Quantitative Finance, Quantitative Finance and Risk Management, Global Economics and Finance


HK$185 (includes camp tee, lunch and dinner on 19 August, and other fees incurred during the Orientation Day; to be paid together with the first instalment of tuition fee; accommodation fees from 18 to 19 August 2019 would be sponsored by the University)


AM – Opening Ceremony > Lunch > PM – Group Games > Dinner > Evening – Camp Fire


  • Morning session will be conducted in English.
  • For afternoon and evening sessions, students will be assigned into groups of the same major programme.


Please indicate your participation when signing up for the International Student Orientation 2019 by 12 August 2019 12:00noon


Useful Information
Q1I am admitted to Faculty of Business Administration. Can I join the Orientation Day on 19 August without joining the ISO?

The Orientation Day is only for Business students who are going to joining the ISO.


Q2What is the pre-camp hostel arrangement?

(a) Business students wishing to join the Orientation Day on 18 August: you have to check in the hostel on 18 August.

(b) Other students: you may either (i) early check in on 19 August (hostel fee HK$92 to be paid together with the first instalment of tuition fee), or (ii) check in on 20 August morning.


Q3What is the post-camp hostel arrangement?

You have to indicate needs for accommodation from 24 to 31 August (7 nights for students who will not join college O’camp, 4 nights for students who will join college O’camp) when signing up to the ISO.
For details of the college o’camp, please refer to the university’s orientation website:


Q4How to get to CUHK?

(a) From Hong Kong International Airport

Option 1: Take Airbus #A41 and get off at Shatin Central Bus Terminal, then take East Railway to get to the University Station (cheaper and more convenient)
Airbus #A41: Download ‘KMB – LWB’ mobile app for checking the route and schedule
Option 2: Take Airport Express and change to other MTR lines to get to the University Station:
Option 3: Take Airbus #A47X and get off at University MTR Station (this is a special shift that the bus heads from Airport at 18:05 to Tai Po via University MTR Station every day)

(b) From other area
Please check details from CUHK website: and Campus map:

You may want to contact other new students via Facebook page administered by ISA for arriving CUHK together.  (ISA Facebook:


Q5How to get to o’camp hostel (Kuo Mou Hall / Student Hostel II, Shaw College)?

Shuttle bus will be arranged to on 18-20 August. Schedule and pick-up point will be announced before the camp. Student arriving at other timeslots can take school bus (#3, #4 and #N bus) and get off at Shaw College.


Q6Is it possible to join the O’camp late or leave early?

If you have to join the O’camp late or leave early, you have to inform us (email: before the O’camp starts.  Nonetheless, you will be charged the full o’camp fee, i.e. HK$915.


Q7Is there any dress code?

Participants will be given a camp T-shirt for the 5 days event. Helpers will arrange laundry for the camp T-shirt. New students are welcome to participate in the Fashion Show event during the Opening Ceremony cum Welcoming Dinner on 20 August evening and wear their own national costumes.


Q8How and when can I collect my CU Link Card?

New students joining the ISO can collect their CU Link Card on 23 August afternoon.


Q9When can we select courses for Term One?

 New students can enroll courses on 23 August. Students are encouraged to bring their own laptops for the course registration. Training will be provided before the course registration. Guidance from senior students will also be provided during training and course registration.

Students who have not completed their student registration by 21 August will not be able to enroll courses on 23 August. Students concerned can seek assistance from course offering departments after the course registration period or add courses during course add/ drop period on CUSIS from 9 to 15 September.


Q10  What documents do I need for opening a bank account?


  • Student ID Card (if any)
  • Passport, student visa and landing slip
  • Parents’ passport and landing slip (for students aged under 18)
  • Local residential proof (can be prepared by college upon requests, please contact your college directly for details)
  • Proof of residential address (national ID Card/ driving license/ letter issued by high school, government departments, etc, if residential address in English is available on the card/ license/ letter; please seek help from Consulate General of your home country if necessary)


Q11  Will there be any Halal food / vegetarian dishes provided during the o’camp?

  The following meals will be provided during the orientation camp. Participants have to pay for other meals at their own cost.

  • Welcoming Dinner (20 August evening)
  • Breakfast (21–24 August morning)
  • Pizza Night (22 August evening)
  • Barbeque (23 August evening)


We will try our best to order vegetarian dishes for the above meals. Students with Halal meal requirements may buy food from our Halal food restaurant, Ebeneezer’s Kebabs & Pizzeria and reimburse for the fees.

Ebenezer’s Kebabs & Pizzeria
Address: Room G05, Li Wai Chun Building, Chung Chi College
Tel: (852) 2561 2081
Opening Hours: 10:00am – 8:00pm (Mon-Sat);


Q12  Do I need to prepare bedding items for the o’camp and college temporary hostels?

  Bedding items will be provided by the o’camp, and by some college temporary hostels at cost. As you may need to move-in to different hostels at least twice, bulky luggage is not recommended.


Q13  I have signed up for the ISO but would like to (i) cancel my enrollment or (ii) change my information of request for arrangement.  What can I do?

  Please fill in the enrollment form again for any changes before the enrollment deadline. Please refer to the automatic record sent from the enrollment system to your email account.


News and Announcement

Media and Information Literacy

In view of the recent social unrest and turbulence in Hong Kong, our teachers from The School of Journalism and Communication have delivered lectures on media and information literacy to incoming new students. It is hoped that students could analyze different issues objectively.
Download lecture slides: A Short Lecture-Media and Information Literacy

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Notice to Students Joining the International Student Orientation 2019

Dear students,

Thank you for signing up for the International Student Orientation 2019. The International Student Orientation will take place from 20 August 2019 (Tuesday) to 24 August 2019 (Saturday) as scheduled.

Pick up shuttle bus service from the Hong Kong International Airport to Shaw College, the Chinese University of Hong Kong will be arranged. Please refer to the following table for details:

Date *Departing time from Hong Kong International Airport
18 August 2019 (Sunday) 13:00
19 August 2019 (Monday) 13:00
20 August 2019 (Tuesday) 11:00

* please note that the departing time of the shuttle buses might vary due to traffic conditions and other unforeseeable situations such as extreme weather. Updates will be duly announced on the ISA International Freshman 2019 Facebook page (Click here for information).

In general, planes are the most common means of transport to Hong Kong. However, you may consider choosing another form if deemed more appropriate. Upon arrival, there are different ways to CUHK. You can find more details here:

If you have any changes of plan to the International Student Orientation, please inform us at your earliest convenience.

In view of the current social situation in Hong Kong, the departments at CUHK have stepped up support services, providing assistance to students if needed. Details have been posted on this webpage (“News and Announcement”).

If there is any query, please contact the International Student Orientation 2019:

– Email:
– Tel.: (852) 3943 7945


Office of Student Affairs
August 2019

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Guidelines for Non-Local Students Regarding Current Social Unrest in Hong Kong

A very warm welcome to The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)! With more than a quarter of its students being non-local and many from overseas, CUHK is a culturally diverse campus. CUHK is committed to embracing differences and developing mutual understanding and respect. The University has established policies to protect the rights of all students, including their right of expression, and welcomes rational and peaceful discussions or debates on diverse topics.

In the past two months, Hong Kong has experienced social unrest and turbulence. We have provided below specific advice for you to better prepare yourselves for your new life in Hong Kong and at CUHK.

Stay Alert
You should acquaint yourselves with the general background of the disputes in society, from different sources and media, and critically examine the arguments on all sides. Always stay rational and critical when processing the information you come across.

On our CUHK campus and in the public areas of Hong Kong, refrain from removing, destroying, or obscuring the contents of posted papers or posters. All students have the right to express their views in the designated areas on campus. If the posted content contravenes any ordinance or the principle of mutual respect or infringes on the privacy of others, a complaint may be lodged with the relevant offices (such as the Office of Student Affairs or the Colleges), and the University will handle the complaint according to established procedures.

The University senior management maintains regular and close contact with the student leaders of various groups, including local and non-local, undergraduate and postgraduate students. If necessary, the University is ready and prepared to arrange dialogues between different groups of students so that they can exchange and learn from different views on any issue of concern or particular incident. Stay connected with the University for any updates by checking your campus email regularly.

Under all circumstances, remember to take note of the following:

  • Avoid going to or staying in any high risk area
  • Be vigilant on what goes on around you and stay highly alert at all times
  • Stay calm should any disturbance or change of circumstances arise
  • Leave the place at once should there be escalation of the level of disturbance

Students who plan to participate in any activity organized by any party or group should always consider their own safety first, and also comply with the laws and regulations of Hong Kong.

Supportive Measures Provided by CUHK
In response to the recent events of social unrest, the University has stepped up its support to students.

Emotional wellness support services have been enhanced to address the needs of students affected by changes in their environment or specific incidents. Same-day counselling services for emergency cases will be provided by the Wellness and Counselling Centre (WACC) of the Office of Student Affairs. Students can also use the 24-hour Emotional Support Hotline (852) 5400 2055 if needed.

The CUHK Security Office has also enhanced its service, including Control Room service and patrolling of campus public areas. For emergency, students can contact the CUHK Security Office for assistance.

Please note that the University is committed to provide shelter for all students who seek support and assistance regardless of the circumstances. If you need help, please contact the following units for assistance:

For counselling and emotional support Wellness and Counselling Centre (WACC), Office of Student Affairs
Tel: (852) 3943 7208/ (852) 3943 3493
Address: 2/F, Pommerenke Student Centre, CUHK
24-hour Emotional Support Hotline
Tel: (852) 5400 2055
For medical services University Health Service
Tel: (852) 3943 6439
For security and emergency on campus CUHK Security Office
Tel: (852) 3943 7999 (24-hour)
For general enquiries and assistance Office of Student Affairs (Mondays to Fridays, 08:45 – 17:30)
Tel: (852) 3943 1533/ (852) 3943 7945
Address: 1/F, Benjamin Franklin Centre, CUHK
Office of Student Affairs (Mondays to Fridays, 17:30 – 00:00)
Tel: (852) 5168 3478
CUHK Security Office Control Room (out of the above hours)
Tel: (852) 3943 7999
For emergency outside campus Hong Kong Police Force
Tel: 999
Fire Services Communication Centre (Emergency Ambulance Service)
Tel: (852) 2735 3355

Note: Undergraduate students may also seek advice and assistance from their Colleges.


August 2019
Office of Student Affairs

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Beware of Telephone Deception!!

Dear students,

Various types of telephone fraud has risen recently, fraudsters were intimidating, issuing instructions in a way that many believed they are government officials/ dealing with the police. Scenarios like the individual’s account was being frozen or used for money laundering activities, or that parcels/ documents sent by the individual were in custody were presented; befuddled with the provision of the individual’s particulars, the fraudsters then tricked that individual into parting with money or disclosing personal information, e.g. bank account number and password details.

We hereby alert you to be watchful on suspected telephone frauds. Stay calm and verify the caller’s identity would be helpful, if in doubt. Most importantly, personal information, e.g. bank account number and password details, should be kept strictly confidential and not to be disclosed to anyone. Last but not least, do NOT deposit any money to bank account instructed by the fraudsters. Law enforcement agents in Hong Kong/ the Mainland will never request ATM/ Internet banking passwords nor any money to prove your innocence.

You may report any suspected case to the Police Force at Ma On Shan Station on 3661 1700; or call 999 for any emergency. For more information of telephone deception and advice from the Hong Kong Police, please visit:


Learning and Cultural Enhancement Section
Office of Student Affairs

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College temporary hostel for participants of International Student Orientation 2019

Please click HERE.

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Enrol to International Student Orientation 2019 Now!!

Please fill in the online enrolment form by 12 August 2019 12:00noon:

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Learning and Cultural Enhancement Section, Office of Student Affairs


(852) 3943 7945



International Student Association (ISA)



Facebook Page:

Facebook Group for 2019/20 international freshmen: