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Beyond Success Talk Series (III) From Lows to Highs: A Journey of Overcoming Adversity and Achieving Success


30 January 2024 (Tue)


1:00pm – 2:00pm








CUHK students & staff


Enrolment Deadline: 25 January 2024 (Thursday)


Tel: 3943 1533
Email: leos@cuhk.edu.hk
Facebook: LEOs.online
Instagram: leos_cuhk


Mr. Mingles Tsoi, our alumni speaker, founded a business early in his career, but it failed after years of hardship. He looks around for a fresh path and starts a new journey. He is now a well-known figure in the industry. Join us for an inspiring talk, “From Lows to Highs: A Journey of Overcoming Adversity and Achieving Success.” Discover the incredible story of triumph against all odds as our speaker, Mr. Mingles Tsoi, shares his personal experiences and strategies for resilience. Gain valuable insights and practical tips to turn your challenges into opportunities for growth. Immerse yourself in invaluable lessons and strategies that will enhance your learning journey. Don’t miss this empowering event!

(Profile: Mingles serves as the Chief eXploration Officer (CXO) at ParticleX, a Hong Kong-based investment firm and innovation catalyst, dedicated to early-stage technology startups. Leveraging a unique combination of extensive network, financial resources, and research expertise to expedite technological advancements and support startups in seizing global opportunities. Prior to joining ParticleX, Mingles played a pivotal role at KPMG China as the Director of Startup and Innovation Services, where he focused on consulting services for startups and innovative businesses. With a passion for startup education, Mingles dedicated eight years to the CUHK Center for Entrepreneurship as Project Director. He was instrumental in the success of major initiatives such as the “Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge” and Google’s Empowering Young Entrepreneur (EYE) Program in Hong Kong. Mingles holds numerous board and committee positions, including the Hong Kong Business Angel Network (HKBAN), Cyberport Investors Network (CIN), Industry & Technology Committee and DIT Committee of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (HKGCC), HKITIC & HK ProServices Council under the Federation of Hong Kong Industries (FHKI), Hong Kong Medical and Healthcare Device Industries Association (HKMHDIA). He also serves as Director and Founding Member of Social Value Hong Kong (SVHK), Vice-Chairman of FHKI’s Startup Council, Vice-Chairman of the Institute of Financial Technologists of Asia (IFTA), where he is also the Chairman of the Academic and Accreditation Advisory Committee. Mingles is also the Advisor of the Center for Family Business of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Honorary Special Advisor of the Centre for Religious and Spirituality Education of the Education University of Hong Kong, and the Chairman of the Steering Committee of Corporate Innovation Index (CII). Mingles is a Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF), Certified FinTech Technologist (CFT), and Fellow of the Institute of Financial Accountants (FFA). Fellow of the Institute of Public Accountants (FIPA).)