Learning and Cultural Enhancement Section

Arts Festival 2023: Fiesta with us


Salsa Workshop – 26 Apr 2023 (Wed)
Mexican Mariachi Night – 28 Apr 2023 (Fri)


6:30pm – 7:30pm


Salsa Workshop – LG13AB, Benjamin Franklin Centre
Mexican Mariachi Night – i-LOUNGE, 3/F, Yasumoto International Academic Park




Salsa Workshop – Deposit (refundable) $100
Mexican Mariachi Night – Free of Charge


All CUHK students & staff



(Limited seats. First come, first served.)


lces@cuhk.edu.hk ︳ 3943 1978.


Aiming to celebrate cultural diversity and promote inclusiveness on campus through the Performing Arts, the Office of Student Affairs is going to organise the Arts Festival on the theme – ‘Together in Rhythm’ this semester. It is hoped that the Festival can present more than a feast for the eyes and the ears; it can also bring the CUHK community together and enhance cultural integration.

After the Arts Gala, A Cappella workshop, and Zumba workshop, we’ve got two more thrilling events lined up for those seeking unique Latin music and dance experiences!


Salsa Workshop

Can you ever imagine a dance that is more exotic, beautiful and energetic than salsa?   With its lively music and fast turns, intricate footwork, and rhythmic hip movements, salsa is the perfect blend of style and fun – and easier to learn than you might think!  This one-session workshop is designed to help you get a taste of the moves, spins, and swings of this popular Latin dance.   No dancing experience required!

Date: 26 Apr 2023 (Wed)
Time: 6:30pm-7:30pm
Venue: LG13AB, Benjamin Franklin Centre
Language: English
Deposit (refundable): $100


Mexican Mariachi Night

You might have come across mariachi performers in movies or restaurants – they’re typically dressed in Mexican charro outfits and play vihuela, a five-string guitar, along with guitarrón, violin, and trumpet. Mariachi ensembles are more than just music groups in Mexican culture – they are an integral part of joyous events like weddings, family celebrations, and birthdays.  In this cultural get-together, we’ll be bringing Mariachi to campus!  Join us for an evening of Mexican snacks, games, and beautiful Mariachi music.   We’ll also try out the Mexican tradition of breaking a pinata!

Date: 28 Apr 2023 (Fri)
Time: 6:30pm-7:30pm
Venue: i-LOUNGE, 3/F, Yasumoto International Academic Park
Language: English
Free of Charge