Learning and Cultural Enhancement Section

LEAD 1001 (2023-24)


September – November 2023


Free of charge (A deposit of HK$100 will be collected from each successful registrant, which will be fully refunded upon 75% attendance)


All CUHK full-time undergraduate students (priority will be given to the committee members of student bodies)


Enroll by 13 September 2023 (Wed) 11:45pm


lces@cuhk.edu.hk / 3943 1978


LEAD 1001 is a non-credit bearing programme organised by Office of Student Affairs, which aims to nurture students to be future leaders with global mindset. Four modules will be covered:

  • Cultural Sensitivity and Cross-cultural Teamwork
  • Unleashing the Potential
  • Publicizing and Communication
  • Global and Regional Awareness


Content of each module can be viewed at:


Participants are encouraged to apply the knowledge by organising cultural activities or engaging in service learning. Students with outstanding performance will be given an award.


Join us if you wish to expand your visions and grasp concrete skills to implement plans. Besides personal growth, meeting friends from various cultures would definitely be a bonus!


All the activities will be conducted in English.


By 13 Sept 2023 (Wed) 11:45pm Registration deadline
18 Sept (10:30am) – 19 Sept (5:30pm) Enrolment for training sessions (applicants can register for the sessions only after they submit the deposit)
23 Sept (Sat) 1:00-4:00pm
& 4 Oct 2023 (Wed) 6:30-9:30pm
Module 0: Cultural Sensitivity and Cross-cultural Teamwork (compulsory)
Sept – Nov 2023 Module 1: Unleashing the Potential
Module 2: Publicizing and Communication
Module 3: Global and Regional Awareness

Participants are required to select 1 session per module.

Nov 2023- Apr 2024 Practicum (optional)
1. Volunteering for any cultural activities organised by Learning and Cultural Enhancement Section or;
2. Organising internationalization activities or;
3. Participating in service learning activities (at least one session, other than the Social Service session on 11 Nov)
Apr 2024 Submission of report

Credit for participants:

  • Participants who have fulfilled 75% attendance will have their Student Development Portfolio (SDP) recorded.
  • Outstanding students who have completed the practicum and submitted a report in addition of the 75% attendance will be given an award.
  • Details of practicum and report will be announced near the end of the programme.

Remarks: The Office of Student Affairs will use or publish the photos taken during the activities without prior notice.