Learning and Cultural Enhancement Section

The i-Ambassador Scheme 2020-21


September 2020 to May 2021


Free of charge

Target Participants

All CUHK students (UG, PG and exchange students)

Enrolment/ Application

Students should apply in groups (2 people the least) and come up with a group name. Each member needs to fill in the application form by 14 September 2020 (Monday): https://bit.ly/2Y3TqgM

If you have difficulty finding group members, you can make use of our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/CUHKCulturalEncounters


lces@cuhk.edu.hk / 3943 7945.


The i-Ambassador Scheme provides a platform for students to organize activities to promote cultural exchange. To facilitate the i-Ambassadors’ implementation of activities and to raise their cultural awareness, a spectrum of training activities will be arranged to equip them with the necessary qualities.

If you would like to promote your culture with like-minded friends, connect with people from different backgrounds or accelerate cultural exchange on campus, join us!


  • Attend one session from Part A and Part B of the training activities respectively (see table below). Due to COVID-19, all the training activities will be conducted online. Students joining this programme before can be exempted from the training.
  • Organize at least one cultural activity in 2020-21.


Schedule (All the activities will be conducted in English unless specified):

Oct – Nov 2020 Online Training Activities

A. Infusion and Inspiration (choose one):

  • Online Event Management Workshop
  • Cross Cultural Communication Workshop

B. Exploration and Experience (choose one):

  • Tours of local communities


**The training topics are subject to change. The final version and details will be sent to the successful applicants by email.

Oct – Dec 2020 Application for Internationalization Activity Fund

If necessary, i-Ambassadors can apply for the Fund (http://lces.osa.cuhk.edu.hk/cultural-diversity/fund) to gain financial support for their cultural activities.
Oct 2020 – May 2021 Implementation of i-Ambassadors’ own cultural events

Events initiated by i-Ambassadors taking place in both terms are expected, while hosting online activities in term one will be highly encouraged and appreciated, which are believed to help add spice to the virtual campus life and connect students regardless of the physical distance between one another.


**i-Ambassador Coordinators**
To help keep the programme running and diversify the activities, i-Ambassador Coordinators are also wanted this year.

Main duties:
  • Connecting and caring for the i-Ambassadors from the same time zone/region, e.g. greeting them regularly, sharing campus information with them, organizing online social gatherings among themselves
  • Linking up with the Coordinators of other time zones/regions to inspire their i-Ambassadors to co-organize virtual cultural events on a selected topic regularly (e.g. food, festivals, arts, costumes)
  • Helping to ensure the events initiated by the i-Ambassadors under their care can be successfully hosted
Taget participants: Local and non-local students; Senior UG or PG students preferred. Appointment is by invitation only.

CREDIT to i-Ambassadors and i-Ambassador Coordinators for their active participation and contribution:

  • Record updated in their Student Development Portfolio (SDP).
  • Certificates will be awarded to the i-Ambassadors Coordinators and i-Ambassadors who organize cultural activities.
  • Reserved seats for i-Ambassador Coordinators at selected workshops in the ‘LEAD 1001’ programme (limited quota)
  • Recommendation letter from the Office of Student Affairs to i-Ambassador Coordinators (upon request)


1. The Office of Student Affairs will use or publish the photos taken at or in relation to the scheme without prior notice.
2. The Office of Student Affairs reserves the final right of decision on all matters relating to this scheme.