Learning and Cultural Enhancement Section

Sports Festival 2021 – Unity in Diversity


4 – 18 March 2021


Facebook and Instagram broadcast





Target Participants

All CUHK students and staff




Sport is not only a means of physical and mental wellbeing, it also builds cultural connections. The virtual Sports Festival presented by the Office of Student Affairs, on the theme of ‘Unity in Diversity’, allows participants to view and feel how sport speaks a new language for diversity and inclusion in this increasingly interconnected world.

  • Online Fitness Challenge

The simple 7-episode workout challenge is fun and easy to follow. Take it up and grab the chance to win fabulous prizes, including a Fitness Tracker and Bluetooth Sport Headphones!
Details: https://bit.ly/3vd9mfN

  • Easy Exercise Tutorials

The tutorials feature three sports – (click to watch) Baduanjin (八段錦), Shuttlecock kicking (踢毽子), and Chair Yoga. Time to get moving with the instructors!

  • Cultural Sharing

The sharing sessions provide viewers cultural viewpoints to glimpse the mind sport – Xiangqi (Chinese chess) (Part 1; Part 2), and dragon boating. You may have a fresh perspective on these two traditional sports after watching the videos.

  • Sports Tours

Although physical tours are not possible now, you can join the international students at CUHK on virtual tours showcasing the popular or traditional sports in different countries/regions, including (click to watch) Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia (Sepak Takraw), Malaysia (Silat), and Zimbabwe.

  • Opening Talk

The two Hong Kong sports personalities, Ms. Camille CHENG (鄭莉梅) (Asian Games Medalist in Swimming, CUHK alumnus) and Ms. Hilda CHOI (蔡欣妍) (Asian Games Medalist in Triathlon, postgraduate student in Sports Medicine and Health Science, CUHK), shared their experience in world competitions in a cultural perspective. They also talked about the diversity in sports – from training modes to customs of different cultures, as well as the challenges faced during COVID-19. Click here to review the talk.

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