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Important Reminders and Useful Information 重要提示及實用資料

Important Reminder

Teaching Arrangements for 2022–23 Term 1 2022–23年度第一學期教學安排

Assuming infection rates continue their downward trajectory and government mandated social distancing measures ease over the coming months, the University is very optimistic that the default mode of delivery of teaching and learning will be in person and on campus for all undergraduate and research postgraduate students in Term 1, 2022–23. For details, please view the University’s announcement at




Information on CUHK IT Services 香港中文大學資訊科技服務處使用者支援服務

ITSC has selected 8 steps for you as a new student quick start guide. This can help you learn the must-use services, including

  1. Collect and set up student account
  2. Know the requirement of entering the campus
  3. Use the vital IT services, such as email, Wi-Fi, teaching tools and free software to facilitate your study

For details, please visit:

Need Help? Please contact ITSC Service Desk ( or 3943 8845 during office hours.


中大資訊科技服務處特意為你精選「新生8件事」,助你認識中大人必需使用的 IT 服務,包括

  1. 領取及設定學生帳戶
  2. 進入中大校園需知
  3. 使用基本 IT 服務,如電郵、WiFi、教學系統及供免費下載或使用的軟件


如需協助,可於辦公時間聯絡中大資訊科技服務處(網址: / 電話:3943 8845)。


Beware of Telephone Deception 提高警覺 小心電話騙案!!

Dear Students,


Telephone fraudulence is seen risen in recent years. To stay alert against deception, you are strongly recommended to browse the website of Anti-Deception Coordination Centre ( and poster (click here) regularly for the latest modus operandi of deception and scam alerts and to remind your classmates and friends.

There are a wide variety of defrauding tricks. During the calls, Putonghua or Cantonese-speaking fraudsters are able to tell the names of the victims, impersonating law enforcement officers (who claimed to be assisting Mainland law enforcement officers in a case investigation), or staff of government organisations. Victims would be asked to provide sensitive information such as account numbers and PIN codes of personal banking or e-payment platform, or request victims to meet at specific locations.

We hereby alert you to be watchful on suspected telephone frauds.

  • To help detect telephone deception, the Office of the Communications Authority stipulates that telephone operators are required to insert a “+” sign in the calling number display of mobile phones as a prefix for all incoming calls originating from outside Hong Kong.  If you receive unknown calls with the prefix “+852” which appears to be from a local number, you should be alert to the possible telephone deception;
  • The Police and other government organisations would not make calls to the public using numbers with a “+852” prefix;
  • Some scammers call victims using SIM cards with One-Card-Two-Numbers services (the prefix “+852” will not be displayed) to defraud.  You should stay alert to all incoming calls;
  • The HKPF will not forward your call to any law enforcement officers of other jurisdictions;
  • If the callers claim themselves as officers of law enforcement agencies or government organisations or e-payment companies and request for your personal particulars and assets under various pretexts, contact corresponding offices to verify the identity of the callers;
  • Do not disclose your personal particulars to strangers, including your HKID numbers, bank account numbers, online banking accounts and PIN codes;
  • Do not download any unknown applications, or click on any links or open any attachments embedded in suspicious emails, or input any information into unknown applications or websites.

Please call the Police’s “Anti-Scam Helpline 18222” if in doubt or report any suspected case to the Police Force at Ma On Shan Station on 3661 1700. For any emergency, please call 999.


Learning Enhancement Officers (LEOs)
Learning and Cultural Enhancement Section
Office of Student Affairs
The Chinese University of Hong Kong







  • 通訊事務管理局辦公室規定各電話營辦商必須在流動電話的「來電顯示」中加入「+」號,以識別源自香港境外的來電。如接到「+852」字頭的陌生來電,即表示該來電是假扮本地來電,很可能是詐騙電話;
  • 警方及其他政府機構並不會以「+852」字頭的電話致電市民;
  • 部份騙徒利用一卡兩號電話卡致電受害人進行詐騙 (不會顯示「+852」字頭),大家應時刻對任何來電保持警覺;
  • 香港警員跟市民聯絡時,不會將電話轉駁到其它地方的執法人員;
  • 如遇到有人自稱執法人員或政府機構或電子錢包公司職員,以不同理由指示市民交出個人資料及財產,應該主動查證及再三向相關機構或公司核實來電者的身份;
  • 切勿向陌生人透露個人資料:包括身份證號碼、銀行戶口號碼、網上銀行及電子錢包帳戶及密碼
  • 切勿下載不明來歷的應用程式及打開可疑電郵內的連結或附件,或者將任何資料輸入到不明來歷的應用程式或網址。

如有任何懷疑,可致電警方「防騙易」諮詢熱線18222或馬鞍山警署報案室 3661 1700。如遇上緊急情況,請致電999求助。


學習輔導主任 (LEOs)

On-campus Banks 申請銀行帳戶須知

There are two banks located at CUHK campus, namely Hang Seng Bank (1/F, John Fulton Centre) and The Bank of East Asia (1/F, Pomerenke Student Centre).

Details for applying the bank account

  • Bank of East Asia (Please click HERE)
  • Heng Seng Bank (Please click HERE)


中大校園內有兩間銀行,分別為恆生銀行(富爾敦樓1 樓)及東亞銀行(龐萬倫學生中心1 樓)。


  • 東亞銀行申請帳戶須知按
  • 恒生銀行申請帳戶須知按
Preparation for Studying at CUHK and Living in Hong Kong 中大學習及香港生活資訊

The Learning Enhancement Officers prepares a calendar* with important dates for non-local new comers, along with infographics on important documents, health protection measures, campus facilities, local transportation and Hong Kong culture, etc. You may download the information at:

(*The important dates listed on the calendar are applicable to full-time undergraduate programmes only.)






Useful Information

CUHK Host Family Programme 中大接待家庭計劃 2022-23 (For Undergraduate Students Only)

(English Version Only 只提供英文版)

New non-local students, you are cordially invited to join the CUHK Host Family Programme organized by the Office of Student Affairs, a non-residential programme in which students are not required to live with the host families. 

Amid the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, we understand that the new journey, starting off with compulsory quarantine, may bring you a sense of loneliness, helplessness, and even anxiety at the beginning. Under this programme, you will be matched up with a CUHK staff member, who will show you their support and care on your adjustment to the new life starting from your quarantine.

This is a unique opportunity for you not only to meet local families, make new friends, get acquainted with a new culture, but also to establish bonding with the city that you might not otherwise experience as a non-local student studying at CUHK. For details and registration, please visit:


Useful Links


The Chinese University of Hong Kong 香港中文大學