Learning and Cultural Enhancement Section

Before Arrival

Chances are opened for the prepared. Here are the routes to the information necessary to be familiarised with before setting off for the adventures!

1. Study Plan

Knowing the curriculum is essential for a good plan of study ahead, which undoubtedly prevents you from acting in haste before graduation.

Curriculum Structure


About Course/ Unit Exemption
Got a prominent academic result or have completed equivalent course(s) at time of admission? Eligibility for course/ unit exemption may spare you some credits for other interesting courses.


3. Financial Planning

It is important that you have adequate financial resources to cover educational and living expenses during your stay in Hong Kong before arrival. You also ought to arrange well in advance money to be transferred to Hong Kong and know how to manage your financial resources when you are away from home. Click here for financial arrangement details.

Financial Aids
You should note that the University has no provision of grants or loans for incoming students. Also, incoming students are not eligible to apply for HKSAR’s Tertiary Student Finance Scheme – Publicly-funded Programmes (TSFS).

Tuition and Other Fees

Estimated Total Expenses Per Year


4. Health and Safety

Health Care Service
On-campus medical services and health service outside of campus can be easily sought in the times of feeling unwell.

Hong Kong is generally considered a safe city.  Still, you may consider arranging at your own cost additional insurance for accident and sickness.


5. Learning Cantonese

Learning a bit of the local language, Cantonese, may help integrate into the local cultures and facilitate communication in the daily life.


6. Information for Students under 18

New students under the age of 18 are invited to note matters listed on Registration and Examinations Section’ website.

7. COMPASS and Packing Checklists

Detailed information on things you ought to know for a great journey in CUHK and Hong Kong can be obtainable from our publication, Compass for Incoming Students.

Ready for the set off?  Wait!  Please check again on things to do and buy in the checklists.