Learning and Cultural Enhancement Section

On-campus Accommodation

Undergraduate Students
The University provides term time on-campus accommodation to eligible undergraduate students. Students are allocated to a hostel place in their affiliated college or in the International House (I-House) managed by the Office of Student Affairs. If necessary, students can apply for summer accommodation to their respective college/ hostel as instructed.

Important Note:
From 2016-17 onward, newly admitted non-local students (except for students from the Morningside/ S.H. Ho/ C.W. Chu College) will be guaranteed N-1 years hostel accommodation on campus during their normative study period (N). For the non-guaranteed period, non-local students can submit hostel applications to their respective colleges and their applications would be reviewed according to the hostel selection criteria. For details of the hostel selection criteria, please refer to the latest announcement of your respective college.

As for the Morningside, S.H. Ho and C.W. Chu College, full residence policy is adopted. All students are required to live in a hostel of the college during their normative study period.

Postgraduate Students
The Postgraduate Halls (PGH) offer more than 1,000 hostel places to postgraduate students. Due to limited hostel places, no on-campus accommodation is provided for students taking self-financed taught programmes or part-time programmes.  For details, please visit the Postgraduate Halls Management Office Homepage at www.pgh.cuhk.edu.hk or email to enquiry@pgh.cuhk.edu.hk.