Learning and Cultural Enhancement Section

GLEAM Programme – Learning Enhancement Ambassadors (GLEAMs)

A group of Learning Enhancement Ambassadors

We are now recruiting a group of Learning Enhancement Ambassadors (GLEAMs) to facilitate new students’ learning adjustment to University. GLEAM provides learning advice to new students and answers their wonder. GLEAM programme also provides a platform for new students to connect, to obtain extra support from peers.

GLEAM is required to organise small group activities with new students to offer learning support to them and share personal and pragmatic University experience with them via various online platforms or in-person meeting (depending on the development of the pandemic). The topics that our GLEAMs shared with our new students previously including time management, learning skills, University resources, tips on course selection, study plan and goal setting, summer plan and career interest.

Programme Period:

Term 1, 2021-22 academic year

Want to become a GLEAM?

Senior students (year 2 or above) are cordially invited to become a Learning Enhancement Ambassador (GLEAM). If you are eager to support new students in their learning adjustment. Please register now!


  • Have enthusiasm and eagerness on serving new students and willing to spend time with them.
  • Organise group activities for new students to facilitate their learning adjustment to CUHK and build up peer support network.
  • Year 2 or above local students.
  • Preferably with ideal academic performance and rich other learning experience.

Training sessions

In order to equip our GLEAM to be a passionate and competent helper, we are organising a series of training sessions for GLEAM. Please find the details as follows.

Date Time Content Venue
30 July (Fri) 18:30 – 21:30 Time management and study plan Room 303, Pommerenke Student Centre
7 August (Sat) 10:00 – 13:00 Engagement and group leading skills
10 August (Tue) 18:00 – 22:00 Reflection of learning journey and expansion of imagination

It is mandatory for GLEAM to attend all training sessions.

Register as our GLEAM now!

Registration deadline: 18 July 2021


A certificate of appreciation would be issued to GLEAMs upon completion of service.


GLEAMs and GLEAMates conducted online meeting

GLEAM and GLEAMates went for a hike

GLEAMates took photos with graduating GLEAM on photo day