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GLEAM Programme

A Peer Support Network for New Students


Stepping in a new learning environment, you might encounter different obstacles and be confused about what you should do next.

Come and join us!

GLEAM programme provides a platform for new students to connect, to obtain extra support from peers and advice from a group of Learning Enhancement Ambassadors (GLEAMs).

How does it work?

Our GLEAMs will offer learning support to you and share personal and pragmatic University experience with you via various online platforms.

Benefits of joining us:

  • Build a network with other new students
  • Receive academic support from seniors
  • Obtain peer support to tackle new challenges in your study journeys

Programme Period:

1st term of 2020-21 academic year (Tentatively)

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Want to become a GLEAM?

Senior students (year 2 or above) are cordially invited to become a Learning Enhancement Ambassador. If you are eager to support new students in their learning adjustment. Please register now!

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