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Orientation 2021


Welcome to The Chinese University of Hong Kong!


As you are about to embark on a new journey at CUHK, making plans ahead at this stage of transition would have significant impact on the fruitfulness of your university life in Hong Kong.


Joining the orientation programme would definitely give you a head start – helping you to familiarize with the campus, understand your studies and build friendships. The International Student Orientation, in particular, helps international students to navigate the start of their CUHK journey and connect with other freshmen and senior students from all around the world. There are also orientation programmes organized by the University, colleges as well as faculties/ departments, along with virtual meetings arranged by the Learning Enhancement Officers (LEOs) to facilitate your better adjustment to the university life.


Various online resources are made for you to become better equipped for the potential challenges ahead. Meanwhile, you may check out the Compass for Incoming Students, which is a guidebook introducing CUHK academic systems, learning resources and Hong Kong culture for non-local new comers.


More programme details will be released on this website from July onwards, providing you with comprehensive and practical information for a smooth adaptation to the new life. Please visit this website regularly for updates.


Learning Enhancement Officers (LEOs)
Learning and Cultural Enhancement Section
Office of Student Affairs



Tentative Dates


Starting from Aug 11

Meeting with LEOs

Learning Enhancement Officers (LEOs) offer individual guidance and consultation service to facilitate students’ adaptation to their university life. In the Meeting with LEOs sessions, you will be briefed the important points in your university life planning, curriculum requirements and course enrolment, as well as having a better idea about the culture of Hong Kong.

Schedule & Registration:

Aug 13, 16 & 17

University Orientation Days

Orientation talks for newly admitted students will be organized, covering important topics on studying, living, and flourishing at CUHK.

Aug 13

  • Studying@CUHK
  • IT Services & CU Student Information System (CUSIS)
  • Scholarships and Financial Aid Schemes

Aug 16

  • Living@CUHK
  • Health Protection and Promotion
  • Exchange Programmes

Aug 17

  • Flourishing@CUHK
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Social Engagement

Speakers: Vice-Chancellor, Provost, Pro-Vice-Chancellors, College Head, University Dean of Students, etc.
Time: 10:00 – 11:30
Language: English
Zoom Link:
Webinar ID: 932 5474 7220
Passcode: 952196

Aug 25 – 27

Virtual Orientation Activities for International Students

Organized by the International Student Association (ISA), the orientation will kickstart your CUHK experience, connect you with other international students, and help you to get prepared for a fruitful university journey.


Aug 31

Zoom Lecture on “Media Literacy”

We all now live in a digital world. It is challenging for us to make sense of all sorts of news and to differentiate those true ones from the fake ones. We need to be more critical when we bathe in the sea of information. But how? The lecture will discuss the idea of “Fact check” towards everyday news and how we can be smarter news recipients. You will also learn about the local media environment.

Speaker: Professor Donna CHU, School of Journalism and Communication
Time: 15:00 – 16:00
Language: English

Sept 1

Early Hostel Check-in* for Participants of International Student Orientation Day Activities

Hostel fee (3 days in total, from Sept 1 to 3):
Approx. HK$174 – HK$390, depending on the arrangement of each college

(*Participants of International Student Orientation Day Activities will be notified regarding the early hostel check-in procedures in due course.)

Sept 3

Day Activities* for International Students

Led by ISA, the day activities will help you to familiarize with campus environment and facilities, and give you the opportunity to make friends with other new international students as well as the seniors.

(*Please note that additional charge may apply.)



  1. If you are in Mainland China, please use the official ZOOM client downloaded from; and then choose “Join Meeting” and use “Meeting ID and Passcode” to join the meeting. You may refer to the troubleshooting tips if needed:
  2. The events and dates may be subject to change. Please visit this website regularly for updates.


Orientation Videos

Welcome Message from the University Dean of Students

(Produced by ISA)


Welcome Message from the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid (OAFA)

(Produced by ISA)


Crossing Cultures and Fitting In


Road Safety and Crime Prevention


Campus Theft

Drugs, Alcohol and Smoking

Road Safety


Quarantine FAQ
News and Announcement


1. Teaching Arrangements for Term 1 2021–22

In view of the stabilizing situation of COVID-19 in Hong Kong, the University plans to resume face-to-face academic and student activities on campus in the new academic year 2021–22. For details, please refer to the University’s announcement:


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2. Other Orientation Programmes

Please stay tuned to the updates on:


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3. Information on CUHK IT Services

A few steps to do before you enjoy CUHK IT services provided by the Information Technology Services Centre (ITSC).

  1. Collect Your Student Account
    Read the SMS from CUHK or the email sent to you from and collect the student account with the 6-digit-v-code.
  2. Enroll in 2-factor authentication (2FA)
    You MUST log in with 2FA for popular IT services e.g. email, Microsoft Office. Please start the enrollment based on Quick Guide for New Students.
  3. More about IT Services: Quick Guide for New Students

Need Help? Please contact ITSC Service Desk ( or (852) 3943 8845 during office hours.


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4. CUHK Host Family Programme 2021-22

New international students, welcome to CUHK! You are cordially invited to join the CUHK Host Family Programme organized by the Office of Student Affairs, a non-residential programme in which students are not required to live with the host families.


Amid the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, we understand that the new journey, starting off with compulsory quarantine, may bring you a sense of loneliness, helplessness, and even anxiety at the beginning. Under this programme, your host family is supposed to show you their support and care starting from your quarantine. Even if unfortunately your trip to Hong Kong for term 1 is delayed, your host family will support you virtually, building up friendship beyond physical boundaries.


This is a unique opportunity for you not only to meet local Hong Kong families, make new friends, get acquainted with a new culture, but also to establish bonding with the city that you might not otherwise experience as an international student studying at CUHK.


What am I expected to do as a hostee?

  • The activities initiated by your host family may include casual/family meals, holiday celebrations, outings/visits, etc. (The activity format is subject to adjustment in view of the COVID-19 situation). While there is no required number of activities you need to join, your active participation will be much appreciated.
  • Share your culture with your host family.
  • Each host-hostee pair is expected to join at least one of the activities arranged by the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) e.g. opening event, interest workshops, reunion gathering.


How much time do I need to commit to this programme?

  • This will depend on the mutual agreement of both the host and you – host families and their hostees decide together the dates and format of gatherings they would like and the frequency.


Who will be my host family?

  • A CUHK staff member. Matching will be arranged by OSA mainly based on common interests, religion, college affiliation, etc.


Programme details:


How to apply?

  • Fill in the application form: The earlier you apply, the earlier you may be in touch with your host family.


Facebook page:


Enquiry: / (852) 3943 1874


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5. Beware of Telephone Deception

Dear Non-local Students,


Telephone fraudulence is seen risen in recent years, in which targets are mainly Putonghua-speaking persons.


Telephone Deception by “Pretending Legal Officials”


Victims received calls with a “+852” prefix, “+86” prefix or calling codes of other regions from swindlers impersonating law enforcement officers or staff of government organisations, such as the Immigration Department, the Independent Commission Against Corruption, the Department of Health, etc. They would be asked to provide sensitive information such as personal banking account numbers and PIN codes, or request victims to meet at specific locations. During the calls, fraudsters are able to tell the names of the victims. They would even forge an “arrest warrant issued by Mainland authorities” or claim that the victims have been confirmed with COVID-19.


We hereby alert you to be watchful on suspected telephone frauds.

  • Most incoming calls with a “+852” prefix are bogus calls originating from overseas. The Police and other government organisations would not make calls to the public using numbers with a “+852” prefix;
  • If the callers claim themselves as officers of law enforcement agencies or government organisations and request for your personal particulars and assets under various pretexts, contact corresponding offices to verify the identity of the callers;
  • Do not disclose your personal particulars to strangers, including your HKID numbers, bank account numbers, online banking accounts and PIN codes;
  • Do not download any unknown applications, or input any information into unknown applications or websites;
  • Remind your classmates and friends to stay alert against deception.


Please call the Police’s “Anti-Scam Helpline 18222” if in doubt, or call 999 for any emergency.


Please visit the following websites for information of telephone deception and advice from the Hong Kong Police and our Security Office.

Anti-Deception Coordination Centre:

Security Office:  


Learning Enhancement Officers (LEOs)
Learning and Cultural Enhancement Section
Office of Student Affairs
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

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6. On-campus Banks

There are two banks located at CUHK campus, namely Hang Seng Bank (address: 1/F, John Fulton Centre) and The Bank of East Asia (1/F, Pomerenke Student Centre).

The following documents would be required when a non-local student apply for bank account opening in Hong Kong, while students under 18 should be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

  1. Passport or Exit-Entry Permit for Travelling to and from Hong Kong and Macao
  2. National Identity Card
  3. CU Link Card or Admission Letter
  4. Student visa and landing slip
  5. Hong Kong Identity Card
  6. Proof of your address in home country
  7. Proof of residency in Hong Kong (can be obtained from your college if you reside on campus)


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Learning and Cultural Enhancement Section, Office of Student Affairs


(852) 3943 7945



Facebook Page:



International Student Association (ISA)



Facebook Page:



Facebook Group for 2021/22 international freshmen: