Learning and Cultural Enhancement Section

German Festival 2020


16 – 30 October, 2020





Target Participants

All CUHK students and staff




Office of Student Affairs proudly presents the virtual German Festival in this Fall. In a series of cultural events, German teachers and students will share the unique German culture and bring you the authentic German experience. Below are the upcoming events:

German Myths and Truths
What are your impressions and imagination of Germany? Some of them may be right, while some others may be wrong. In this video, the German teacher and student will share the myths and truths about Germany and German culture.

Language Table x Book Sharing
Life is too short, but German is too long. Donaudampfschiffahrtsgesellschaftskapitän is one of the examples. Want to know more about the fun facts of German language? Our German-speaking student will share German idioms, slangs and interesting expression. Besides, the student will talk about German book in the videos.

Sharing on German Learning Experience
Hong Kong students will share their German learning experience. Is it really hard to master German language? Watch the videos and you will get the answers.

Movie and TV Drama Sharing
In the videos, German teachers and students will bring you into the world of German movies and TV dramas. You will learn to appreciate the German movies as well as the German culture.

Home chef in Germany
A German local will teach you how to make a German home dish from shopping for ingredients to serving the dish. Let’s get a taste for German authentic food!

German Connection
Come with us to travel to Germany (virtually) to get connected with German daily life, especially in the time of pandemic.

From Germany to Hong Kong
How far is Hong Kong from Germany? A German freshman will talk about how she adapted to the school life and Hong Kong culture as well as her experience of learning Cantonese.

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