Learning and Cultural Enhancement Section

Cultural Fun@i-LOUNGE 10 & 14 Oct 2022


11 & 14 Oct 2022


10 Oct 2022 : 6:30pm – 8:00pm
14 Oct 2022 : 5:30pm – 7:00pm


i-LOUNGE, 3/F, Yasumoto International Academic Park





Target Participants

All CUHK students & staff

Enrolment/ Application

https://bit.ly/3TYnh5L (for both workshops)


Enquiry: 3943 1528 | kathyyu@cuhk.edu.hk


Alternative Travelling – Busking on the Road
10 Oct 2022 (Mon)  6:30pm-8:00pm                                                                

In this session, the participants will be introduced to a special travel format – busking, which sets it apart from the ordinary itinerary. With vast experience of playing yo-yo as a street performance abroad, the speaker will share with the participants his observations as a busker from a cultural perspective. He will also talk about how to maintain the right mentality in order to overcome challenges, as well as to maximise the exposure and appreciation of different cultures on busking trips. 


The Contemporary Landscape of Jazz: From the US to the World
14 Oct 2022 (Fri)  5:30pm-7:00pm 

The session attempts to demonstrate the diversity of jazz nowadays. It has been a multi-cultural phenomenon for some years, stepping from its roots in the United States to the rest of the world. Led by the speaker who is a writer, a composer, a music producer as well as a jazz enthusiast, we will travel across New York, Los Angeles, London, Stockholm, Buenos Aires, and all the way back to Hong Kong through jazz music, and see how the genre evolves under different cultural influences.