Learning and Cultural Enhancement Section

The i-Ambassador Scheme

The i-Ambassador Scheme, debuting in 2015, offers a platform for students to actualise their creative ideas into activities of internationalization and cultural integration.  Participants are appointed as i-Ambassadors and receive culture related training.  After training, each team organises at least one cultural activity by the end of the participating academic year.  The events mainly fall into four categories – cultural experiences, arts, food, and outdoor exploration.

In 2020-21, the i-Ambassador Coordinators will be recruited for the first time, who will be mainly responsible for connecting and caring for the i-Ambassadors from the same time zone/region. The i-Ambassador Coordinators will also help ensure the events initiated by the i-Ambassadors under their care, which are aimed to engage the CUHK student community in cultural exchange despite their physical absence on campus, can be successfully hosted.


Highlights of The i-Ambassador Scheme:

Light Painting by i-Ambassadors

Artcraft Cultural Workshop Series – DIY Christmas Card Workshop

Red Bean Pudding Cooking Class

Japanese Style Carnival

Meeting with the University Dean of Students